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The designers Giovanni Delvecchio, Andrea Magnani and Elisabetta Amatori (founders of the Resign “meta project”), will propose an inovative teaching, founded on the hand-crafted “know how” together with a series of direct lessons that will range from “contemporary mithology”, to new symbolism, and to “Design 2.0”.
The final goal of the academy will be to realize, through the Resign methodology, a real project. The students will manifacture at least one object each, and will keep complete property, (intellectual and material), of their own creations. Every participant will be able to expose their work on and become an active member of the site. Read HERE about the past edition and watch HERE the works gallery.


The workshop is open to all, but particularly to design, art and comunication students, designers and architects.


The Resign Academy is structured in three levels.
1. The teachment will consist in analysing materials, idea labs, discussions and brainstorming. Everything finalized to stimulate first, and define later the design concepts.
2. The creative labs will be integrated by the technical labs, where the project will take life, solving any crafting issue.
3. The partecipants will continue their journey in the labs finishing their works.
The didactics have a “on field” formation model and a au pair relationship between the teachers and the partecipants. The classes will take place predominantly in the outdoor labs, but head-on lessons and evening encounters will be scheduled.



resign academy resign academy resign academy